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Welcome to Player1 Player2!!!

Hey everyone!!!! My name is TJ”darkzero omega” Kennedy Jr.  My best friend Justin”Eggman” Davis  and I are avid gamers, essentially since birth. We play a variety of different games from JRPGS to FPS.  But I think our main BnB area fighting games, something about meeting a person one on one to see who’s the strongest is so exhilarating!! So we decided to try our hand in making Youtube videos, streaming and going to tournaments and try to possibly make a living on doing what we love!!!!  We’ve been going to tournaments for going on three years now.  Mainly The Fall Classic in North Carolina, Final Round in Georgia and WizardWorld Comicon Cleveland where I got 1st place and Justin got 3rd. During these whole adventures someone got the bright idea of recording or journey, so here we are!!!  So we hope you stick with us during our journey and we’ll be posting our YT vids and our tournament exploits here.  You can also check us out on our FB page @P1andP2 and our instagram and twitter @p1p2_official_

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