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Super Late Update!!!

Hey guys Zero here!!!! So we’ve been super busy with creating content, playing Yakuza 5, training in Killer Instinct, SFV […]

Summer Jam X & Absolute Battle 7

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while but it’s been super busy with getting ready for Summer Jam […]

Star Ocean: Integrity

Okee dokee guys, here is Eggman’s first vid for the new Star Ocean game. No I have never played one […]

SFV Ibuki: Day 1

Sup people Zero here, if ya didn’t catch our stream last Friday with the release of Ibuki and Balrog here […]

Day 1 Ibuki vid

  Ok so as most of you guys are aware we looooooooove Street Fighter!!! And even though I’m not really […]

Pardon Our Dust

Ok, so as you can see we are officially a website…………well sorta.  We will be learning  the ins and outs […]

Welcome to Player1 Player2!!!

Hey everyone!!!! My name is TJ”darkzero omega” Kennedy Jr.  My best friend Justin”Eggman” Davis  and I are avid gamers, essentially […]